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"The Pipe Dream"
"Brothers of Blood and Sons of Betrayal"
Just One Rose
Fishing on your Birthday
Click in the check boxes as to which play you liked the best and leave a message. Or tell me about your favorite theatre experiences! Theatre is not dead neither am I! Pass it on to someone else!

Do you share the same enthusiasm for the theatre? Do you have any feedback on any of my plays? Want to contribute some thoughts of your own? How would you have written a particular scene?
Dreams are meant to share and a part of me went into these scripts that you have read. A playwrights vision of the world --that sometimes can not be...these are dreams of a world left behind and a vision of hope for a better tomorrow. Pass our vision onto your friends! Here is the link to this site if you would like to just copy and paste this sites URL:
James Neufeld, Playwrights of Promise.
 I'd love to hear from you! Just copy and paste this e-mail address: into your e-mail system or leave a message in the online form that is already set-up for your convenience-- above this text. The form mail works, it will send your message right to my email address at privacyharbor. Some would rather just copy and paste instead! Which ever method is easier for you!
What dreams do "you" have to share? Have a good day! 

I'll post any useful information I receive. Don't worry, I'll be sure to to give you credit! For your convenience I have included form mail to inform me of your interest in my plays that are displayed online. I hope that you enjoyed reading the dialogue samples!

Playwrights of Promise is now listed online with Playwrights on the Web - an international database of playwrights & their websites offering production & publishing opportunities. So just look under the appropiate name of James Neufeld and you will be lead to his work! 


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