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What's Next?

Tacking Down a Memo

Current themes of ongoing projects include:
A play that deals with the victims of the september 11, 2001 incident.What they have been through and how it has affected them as well as us as a people. Well, I am in the process of uploading it to the "Plays to be Produced" link and you can go there soon! The plays synopsis is online now!
Date : July 19, 2008 Just One Rose
 I just got done uploading the dialogue sample for your perusal. I have had a lot of help and encouragement with this play; and I thank all of you!
Date: September 19,2008
I have been working on a ten-minute one-act play. I plan to attend the wasatch theatre's reading to discuss it. I have'nt got a name for it as yet. Jim Neufeld
"The Problematic President" is about a president that is kind of clumsy in his dealings with his own people as well as other countries. It is a comical farce that should never be -or could it?
"The Wacky Inventor" is about an inventor that thinks he has the answers for the world's problems in every invention that saves lives and creates more problems than they solve!
"My Wife Held Hostage" is about a woman that is held against her own will by the mafia gangs. How she manages to break free by her own will and faith in herself and God.

If you have an idea for a play that you would like to see on the stage. Be sure and contact us!

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Playwrights of Promise is now listed online with Playwrights on the Web - an international database of playwrights & their websites offering production & publishing opportunities. So just look under the appropiate name of James Neufeld and you will be lead to his work! 


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